Drone rules in Ireland

Infographic which outlines drone regulations in Ireland.
Please understand the rules before you fly.


• More than 400ft (120m) above ground level
• More than 300m from Control point
• Over or within the confines of a congested area without permission of the Authority
• Within Controlled Airspace, without the permission of the Authority
• Within an Airport Traffic Zone or closer than 8 kms (5 nautical miles) from an Airport Boundary, whichever is the greatest distance
• Over an assembled crowd within 150 m laterally
• Within 120 m of any person, vessel, vehicle, or structure not under the control of the aircraft operator, and during take-off or landing, not within 50 m of any person unless under the control of the aircraft operator
• Closer than 2 KMS from an aircraft in flight
• In high moisture weather conditions, such as rain, clouds or fog, or in strong windy conditions.
• Out of line of sight of the Pilot.

As a licensed operator of UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) Eireial Creations is regulated by the IAA. Indeed it is essential for us to adhere to these regulations for our insurance and public liability cover to be valid.