Eireial Creations Prices

Photo Prints:

Prints beautifully mounted in gorgeous Ivory coloured Bevel cut,
photo slip-in mounts.
Please Note: Sizes are Mount size - the image area is smaller.
8" x 6" = €20
10” x 8" = €25
12" x 8" = €30
16” x 12” = €40
20” x 16” = €55
We print and ship within 5 days of ordering.

Framed Prints:

Prints in black or limed white natural wood.
 Stylishly finished with polar white mounts, acrylic glaze and hanging brackets.
Please contact me below to find out more about framed prints.
Please Note: Sizes are glass size - the image area is smaller.
25cm x 20cm (10” x 8") = €70
40cm x 30cm (16” x 12”) = €129
50cm x 40cm (20” x 16”) = €159
71cm x 50cm (28” x 20”) = €229
81cm x 60cm (32” x 24”) = €299
Delivery is within 10 days of ordering.

Canvas Prints:

Beautiful, high quality photo on canvas prints expertly made and hand-stretched. Delivery is within 10 days of ordering.
40cm x 30cm (16in x 12in) = €74.99
50cm x 40cm (20in x 16in) = €84.99
60cm x 40cm (24in x 16in) = €94.99
76cm x 50cm (30in x 20in) = €124.99
91cm x 60cm (36in x 24in) = €144.99
101cm x 76cm (40in x 30in) = €179.99

Delivery is within 10 days of ordering.


High resolution images from €250* for a one off local shoot and up to
€600* for a Full Day.


Half day €450*. Full day €800*
Editing for video production is also available on request.  


Half day: €400*
Full Day: €750*

Industrial Inspections:

Half day: €400*
Full Day: €750*

Commercial Roof Inspection:


Residential Roof Inspection:


Custom Aerial Photography:

This is where I come out to your location to take an image of your choice. You get to see the images on the screen and decide the best angle. Once taken I will then edit it in my own unique style and present it to you as a Digital Image that you can download. The price for this is €65 for the full size edited image, plus 45c per mile after the first 5 miles of travelling to reach you.
If you have a job that isn't mentioned on here,
please contact me to discuss it.
Thank you for all your support.
*Prices quoted are approximate and subject to arrangement with client.