Gift Voucher Terms and Conditions.

General Terms

This agreement is between Eireial Creations and the recipient who is the commissioning party (purchaser) and the image recipient. Eireial Creations is an IAA licensed and fully insured specialist aerial photography and videography service provider.

Gift Voucher Value

The Gift Voucher can only be used for associated service listed and cannot be transferred to other unassociated services Eireial Creations provides. The value of Gift Voucher does not equate to Eireial Creations pricing for client services as these are specifically tailored for client needs/requirements.

Gift Voucher Validity

The Gift Voucher has a limited validity of 6 months from the date of purchase. No refunds can be offered if the Gift Voucher is not redeemed within this period.


The recipient must inform Eireial Creations of the intended location (within Southern Ireland) and preferred date in advance. The agreed location for the aerial photography/videography must comply with IAA regulations. If not, we will request a change in location.


On the mutually agreed date, the recipient can join the Eireial Creations representative to ensure the images/video are of the deserved subject or location. If the recipient is not available to attend, a detailed description will be required in advance to ensure Eireial Creations interpretation of the subject or location is acceptable.


If adverse unexpected weather is forecast or occurs during the time period agreed, then the Aerial Photography session may be postponed at short notice. In these circumstances, a different date will be agreed.

Recipient Obligations

The recipient may not use any photograph or video for any illegal or unauthorised purpose. The recipient agrees not to copy, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any portion of the images or video provided. The images/video also cannot be used for third party marketing or advertising. Eireial Creations holds the right to use any images/video for its advertising or marketing. The recipient may post the images/video on social media or online with the provision of informing Eireial Creations in advance and providing full credit to Eireial Creations for the service.