Property/Business Aerial Photography Packages from €250

You will receive a professional commissioned set of high resolution personalised aerial photographs and video (depending on which package you choose), that will make your property or business stand out from, and far above the crowd. 

Aerial Photography Packages: What you get?

Upon arrival to the site I will conduct a full inspection to familiarise myself with the area and assess any safety risks before commencing the flight. You'll receive a consultation for (as long as it takes ☺) to discuss your requirements and expectations from me. Upon completion you will receive a full set of professionally colour graded and edited High-Resolution aerial images from several angles and altitudes above and around the project area. Approx 15 photos in total. I supply soft copy of all photos after completion using Dropbox. This keeps the process quick and easy.

Most importantly I provide 17 years experience, reliable and professional service throughout.

You won't be disappointed.

Below are the packages I offer:

Package 1 - €250 

  • 15 Edited Hi-Res Aerial images with your Company logo added. 
  • Uploaded to Dropbox for you to download instantly.

Package 2 - €310

  • 15 Edited Hi-Res Aerial images
  • 10 Interior images with your Company logo added. 
  • Uploaded to Dropbox for you to download.

Package 3 - €350

  • 15 Hi-Res Edited Aerial images. 
  • 10 Interior Hi-Res Edited Images
  • Fully edited 30 seconds to a minute long Drone video including music, your logo etc. 
  • Uploaded to Dropbox




Please Note: The price quoted above is based on a "typical" house project. Due to the fact that each project is different, please provide as much information as possible e.g time of day, area to be photographed (Google Maps Link would be ideal), amount of images needed etc. This will allow me to tailor your job to give you the most fair, honest and best quote possible.

If preferred you can request a call back and I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about the whole process from start to finish. FINAL PRICE ON APPLICATION

Request a Call Back.

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