October 03, 2020


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Major development at The Mullins, Donegal Town.

A major development is currently underway at the Mullins area of Donegal Town. This will include a transport hub, swimming pool, office complex, coffee shop, houses and apartments.


The development which is to cost more than €10m is close to the N56 near Micky Mac's Service Station in Donegal Town.

It will consist of several commercial and residential units, aleisure centre with swimming pool. Other commercial buildings are said to include a coffee shop, office blocks, a mixed-use building including apartments, buildings for retail space, a transportation hub with ticket office, waiting area, toilets and parking facilities.

The residential area will include around 80 houses ranging from one-bedroom single storey dwelling to four-bedroom homes over two-and-a-half storeys, as well as the previously mentioned apartments.

There will also be a children’s play zone and a community building including a digital hub.

The development will include pedestrian footpaths, cycling lanes and 400 parking spaces.

Below is an artist's impression of how the complex will look when completed.

I will shoot more images as the development progresses. Keep checking in :)

UPDATED... 5th October 2023.

My latest aerial shot of the continuing construstion work taking place at The Mullins, Donegal Town.


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