September 16, 2020


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WW2 EIRE sign at St.John's Point, Donegal.

St. John's point shows one of the 83 Eire signs, that were marked at different locations around the coast of the Republic of Ireland during World War II. They were arranged by David Gray, who was the American Ambassador situated in Dublin at the time.

The were used during World War II to show Ireland's neutrality to German, British and American air men.

St. John's Point is almost 11km long, and is one of the longest peninsula in Ireland. 

The Lighthouse was built in 1825 and made from cut granite. The lighthouse tower was designed by George Halpin Senior, a well respected engineer from the area. The lighthouse came into operation in 1831 and was automated in  1932. It was finally converted to electric operation in the 1960's.

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